The Impact of AI on the 3D Animation Industry

When the 3D era began, we witnessed many artists fighting against 3D, but change was inevitable. Those who did not adopt the change and refused to learn new tools were naturally left behind.

So, with the new AI era, does it ring any bells?

You may think you need to adopt and learn new tools to integrate AI into your work to survive. But things are different now. AI doesn’t need you at all, so your services are no longer needed.

Why do I think this way? Because it animates and renders all together. We may only need simple 3D animatics to be done by real people to provide a brief to AI for generating a movie at most.

So, what should we do as 3D artists? I foresee that the game industry will survive longer than the movie industry. Because games need real-time interaction with the player and a 3D world, it may take some more time for AI to take over the game industry. We, 3D artists, better have a Plan B to switch to the 3D game industry without being too late.