Promoting Personal Works

In today’s internet, it’s not easy to promote or showcase personal works to a wide audience unless you don’t have a large audience or followers. The popularity of forums has decreased over time as more people shift towards social media platforms like Facebook groups, Reddit communities, etc. But many of those communities often have strict rules against self-promotion. Other platforms’ discovery features have their own limitations when it comes to promoting works, and mostly they have high fees.

As 3D artists, it is crucial for us to reach a broader audience and receive feedback that keeps us motivated and inspired. If you’re selling your works, making additional money from them can be just what you need to continue pursuing your passion.

Recently, we launched cgmarket.net with the intention of helping artists to expand their reach and get better feedback by sharing their work for free or paid. Users who register during the beta period will enjoy zero platform fees forever, and make more money if you want to sell your work on the site.

I encourage you to promote your works by uploading them to CG Market and connect with your community.