How To Monetize Your Tutorials

Earn Money Selling Tutorials Online

Making money from ads by publishing free tutorials is a challenging business model. Because this model requires large audience and high traffic to make a decent income. Some cases you’ll need to reach audience treshold before you can start making money from ads.

On the other hand, publishing paid tutorials is a more profitable way. Paid tutorials are currently in high demand and no need any audience tresholds to start making money.

Growing your audience by making money from the beginning is a more motivating way to continue pursuing your passion.

Finding tutorial ideas

Millions of content are published every day on the internet. When you publish a tutorial, chances are it’s going to disappear in the noise. 

To stand out from the crowd, you need to provide value by offering a solution to a problem and ensuring that they will walk away with something valuable. 

Have your own opinion and don’t be afraid to share your personal experiences. Visit forums and community pages to find problems that people are looking for solutions. And convert these problems into tutorials.

Where to sell tutorials

Cg Market is a platform that allows you to publish paid or free tutorials or digital content with simple steps. With CG Market, it’s as simple as publishing a blog post, with a payment wall. So your audience can pay to access your tutorials. 

You can go and register to cgmarket.net now if you haven’t already and start selling your tutorials. Please see video below for details.


Monetizing tutorials offers a more profitable and motivation path compared to relying on ad revenue. By providing valuable solutions to real problems and sharing your unique insights, you can build dedicated audience from the beginning.